Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekly Reflection 3

Test week went pretty well. I'm not sure if I really understood some of the concepts going into it, but I definitely got better at determining certain things after going over the test today. I hope to be able to understand the material well enough to have a good base for chapters to come.

Concepts I'm still partially struggling with:
the spectra stuff (I know the basics)
some of the mathematics (like the gravity things - what measurement can we use for the distance between mars/sun, earth/sun, etc?)
other logic-based things like the position of stars at certain times of day/year

I think that by the end of the quarter I will be able to understand these things better just by spending more time with them. : )

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  1. the basics around the spectra is good for now. We will work with it again in a lab on the Sun's spectra.
    Gravity: Masses in the equation are straight forward, but distance sometimes isn't. In physics, we think of masses as "point masses" meaning we measure the distance between the "center of mass" of each of the objects. So for the distance, let's say, between the Sun and Earth.... we would measure from center to center ideally. This distance changes (because of elliptical orbit), so an average distance is used. 150,000 km.


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