Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sky Journal Week 1

I was driving home from renting a movie and buying donuts when I glanced up and saw the moon. It was one of those moments that takes you by surprise in it's absolute cliche-edness, but also absolute beauty. The moon was only slightly waning and partially hidden by clouds, but was fully illuminated and cast a cold and eerie glow upon the sky surrounding it. It reminded me of those old werewolf movies when the gruesome transformation takes place on a cold and cloudy night, but the moon is extremely visible despite the clouds. I half expected to hear howling.

It was nearly due east, (90 degrees), and was probably about 60 degrees in altitude. High enough to be noticed, but not straight above.

The time was 10:00pm, just a few hours before this post.

No other stars or celestial bodies were visible.

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